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The Little Man from Afrique



🛡️The Little Man from Afrique


Once upon a time, there was a little Man from Africa, He may be born in His Home by Pretoria but He all belonged to the world,

One day he heard about  a princess, who may be the most beautifulliest but was caught in jail in a foreign Land

Very soon to the early dawn, he decided  to travel to that Land to free the enslaved princess. He had nothing excepted a piece of bread, some few dimes and his good ebene flute that he loved to play for his HeartWife  excitedly to the rythm of the drumms from his motherland.

The travel was long, not bored at all but very tired, because he visted first the pyramids from Africa by Giza , went through the niagara falls from America by Canada, unfortunately was caught in a maze from India by Bombay, but he could cross the river from the tears of the King’s daughter from Asia by Thailand and then he reached the tor of this magicful land,

He gave all the dimes he had, for him not to end in desperate desillusion of destruction but to pledge his soul by  God to care for him, he gave his all.

sure he had no more so much but it was enough for the land’s knights to bring him in front of the King.

The king said to him, to free the princess, he had to conquer her heart, an issue that was not so easy at all because the princess was blind and caught into an enchanted golden cage

The little boy from Africa by Pretoria was brought into the yard where the princess was detained, soon as he saw her, he took out his ebene flute and start to play the most joyful melody he had ever never plaid.

The princess who used to be so sad, as she heard that song, her heart get fill with love, that was the beautifulliest melody she had never ever heard too. She cried one teardrop of happiness , the teardrop dropped into the Lock of her golden cage,a flash struck the cage, a light appeared, the lock broke down, the princess was free.

She ran so fast she can to the melody she heard, gave the little man a kiss on his cheek, the little Man was so touched and moved from her beauty and softeness and kindness and lighteanous that he kissed her on her lips, the princess fell in his arms, opend her eyes, she can see him.

And so both get into marriage with each and other, God was so great and mercyfull to shower them with so many children, the princess became a motherfull wife, the little man a knight and both to the most richest of the whole universe

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